2019 Schedule

December 16 - 17, 2019

JW Marriott
10 South West Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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Monday, December 16, 2019

8:00 — 3:00 pm

Exhibitor Setup

1:00 — 2:00 pm

Welcome and General Session
Steve Laughlin

Vice President & General Manager - Global Consumer Industry

2:15 — 3:15 pm

Get Smart Breakout Sessions

3:30 — 4:30 pm

Get Smart Breakout Sessions

3:00 — 4:30 pm

Media Reception on the Expo Floor

4:30 — 7:00 pm

Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

7:00 — 8:30 am

Breakfast in EXPO

8:30 — 9:30 am

Welcome and General Session
Ken Ferrie
Farm Journal Field Agronomist

9:30 — 10:30 am

Get Smart Breakout Sessions

10:30 — 11:30 am

Get Smart Breakout Sessions

11:30 — 1:30 pm

Lunch in EXPO

1:30 — 2:30 pm

Get Smart Breakout Sessions

2:30 — 3:30 pm

Closing General Session

4:00 — 6:30 pm

Closing Reception


Get Smart Breakout Sessions

*Timeslots coming soon

Scouting Tools For-Profit - Erich Eller

Indiana crop consultant Erich Eller has every acre he consults on mapped with remote sensing. Learn how he’s layering real-time weather data, Internet of Things technologies, imagery, and field records to help grower maximize profits while minimizing yields threats.

Data-Driven Soil Management Zones - Erich Eller

Understand, map, and manage your fields with a strong foundation in understanding your soils. This clinic will teach you how Indiana crop consultant Erich Eller assigns expectation to each management zone. He’ll challenge you to not only reap the benefits of reducing expenses on low-performing areas, but also see the untapped opportunities with pushing the high-potential areas.

The Retailers' Role in Adopting AgTech - Lance Ruppert

In 2019, Growmark launched the AgValidity program which tested more than 20 AgTech products across its multi-state geography. The goal of the program is refine the “shotgun” approach of where products fit on a farm and how these products fit into Growmark’s distribution network.

How Farmers Can Drive Ag Innovations - Pete Nelson

Learn how the farmer-centric model is allowing farmers to inform, invest in, and gain early access in business-changing technologies.

A Discussion On What’s Next For Agriculture And Beyond - Facilitated by Skip Klinefelter

Moore’s law says technology is bringing change faster and faster. In this breakout session, precision ag leader Skip Klinefelter will lead a discussion on the technologies that in the near-term and out on the horizon will have a big impact on agriculture. Bring your big ideas---and your big questions—for where farmers should be investing their time and attention to stay ahead.

Leveraging Technology Partnerships to Ensure 4R Success - Andy Swerlein and Andrew Gladden

Most digital record-keeping systems available in the US marketplace only offer their services to a very specific audience, with services tailored to either growers, retailers or applicators. The 4R program, however, demands an integrated approach from all service providers and the grower combined, with reporting needed across all user groups. CEO Andy Swerlein and IT Manager Andrew Gladden, share the story of Luckey Farmers Inc, a co-op in northern Ohio which does business in the shadow of Lake Erie and its environmental concerns.

Teach The Planter To Dance - Isaac Ferrie

To maximize the days a field is fit to plant, you have to be ready and gear up to teach the planter to dance. This session will detail how to assess plantability and how you can set the planter to push the edge while not overly compromising final stand.

Increase Yield While Protecting The Environment - Isaac Ferrie

With a multi-year field study, the team at Crop-Tech Consulting has put controlled drainage and tile gates to the test. Key takeaways include a reduction in nutrient runoff while increasing corn and soybean yields. Learn how they are monitoring soil moisture, plant-available nutrients, and more in-field measurements with technology.

Tractor Hours: What’s Your Machinery Really Costing You? - Steve Cubbage

You can measure yield. You can measure fertility. But can you measure how efficient or costly your machines really are? The answer now is yes and this session takes a look at some of the newer technologies and metrics that can finally capture and analyze machine data. Machinery costs are a huge factor in the per-acre costs of growing a crop. Find out how measuring idle time, transport time and real working time can lead to insights that can boost your bottom line.

Data Survival Guide 2.0 - Steve Cubbage

Without good data, it’s going to be very hard to run your farm in the future. Traceability, sustainability and accountability initiatives within the industry will require data in order to even sell to certain markets, receive premiums or in some cases having the ability to even go to the field. This session will give you the 101 on how to prepare, collect and transfer data plus review what types of data is needed to satisfy the growing demands of accountability from outside forces. Find out what coming in the future when it comes to data and how you can be prepared.

Define the Value of Digital Tools - John Fulton

As farmers consider using a new app, analytical tool, or data-driven platform, here’s practical advice on how to extract value from those technologies. This presentation will detail some of the common pitfalls as well as the greatest opportunities to maximize your time and investment in data sharing.

The Future of Machine Automation - John Fulton

Robotics and artificial intelligence is quickly changing the ideas of machine ownership. There are many ways that autonomy is coming to the farm. This session will include lessons to be learned from how specialty crops are using autonomy, automated scouting tools, as well as what’s coming in the next generation of automated solutions.

Farm Every Acre Like a Test Plot - Jordan Wallace

There’s no better place to evaluate a new practice than your own farm. Precision ag consultant Jordan Wallace shares that by recording every pass across the field, you can get the necessary data to analyze every acre for maximum profit. And while it may sound complex with many data and equipment considerations, he’ll share his way of keeping it simple.

Planting Decisions Drive In-Season Agronomy - Ken Ferrie

Early planted soybeans demand that farmers pay attention to the details. Where do extra bushels from early planted soybeans come from? Ken Ferrie will walk through the in-season observations and data collection you have to stay on top of to minimize the risk and maximize the reward. He provides the “cheat sheet” of dos and don’ts.

Match Your Crop Fertility to the Environment and Hybrid - Ken Ferrie

Each hybrid has a unique need for nitrogen. This session will detail test plot data in how farmer’s can balance the soil-supplied nitrogen with farmer-applied nitrogen in terms of timing and rates. Attendees will learn how they can create individualized “meal plans” for each hybrid and environment.

Agronomics and Economics by Understanding Variability - Mike Manning

This session will emphasize why understanding field variability pays, and that not all yield is created equal. From his experience administering data programs with retailers, and working side by side with growers, as well as experience from his family farm, Mike Manning will explain key precision fundamentals, and data use limitations, to better measure and manage both agronomic, and economic complexity; at the field, farm, and regional group level.

Pick Your Precision Ag Path - Kyle Allen and Shane Myers

With the end goal in mind of maximizing data-driven decisions on your farm, there are multiple paths to get there. Independent precision ag consultants Kyle Allen and Shane Myers will share examples of how farmers can maximize their ROI in every hardware and agronomic decision. From outfitting planters to calibrating yield monitors, they’ll help attendees understand the long-term and short-term payback.

*more details to come soon