Why Exhibit?

There is a race going on in the AgTech sector, a race to unlock the true power of agricultural technology for America’s farmers. The $10 billion that has fueled AgTech innovation just in the last four years* is only the beginning: the market for AgTech products and services is expected to reach $240 billion over the next three-and-a-half decades,** as some of the most exciting technological advances known to man become everyday tools on America’s farms.

Standing in the middle of this AgTech revolution are farmers, some tech savvy, some not, but all of whom stand to benefit significantly if they can adopt the right AgTech effectively on their own operations. Considering the fast pace of innovation, that’s a tall task.

Farm Journal Media is committed to helping the ag industry meet this challenge and seize this opportunity—from farmers just starting the learning curve, to early adopters looking for the next big thing, to the professionals entrusted with helping them all. With over 1,000 farmers expected to attend don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your company and its products before you competition does!

* AgTech Investing Report, January 2016, AgFunder
** Precision Farming, Cheating Malthus With Digital Agriculture, Goldman Sachs, July 2016